Congratulations, on taking the initial step towards your discovery! Your curiosity is commendable. Whether it is your first foray into therapy or you have had many therapists over the years, I acknowledge and celebrate the courage it has taken you to come this far. 

I believe therapy should evolve with you. Therefore, I meet you where you are and help you forge a path towards where you would love to be. My approach stems from an Existential-BIPOC-Humanistic lens. Thus, finding and valuing your authentic narrative is essential in my practice. In my opinion, each one of us holds the key to our personal uniqueness and personal bliss.  

Over the years, I lived in many different cities. However, my Caribbean (Cuban & Jamaican) – first-generation roots have helped form my Weltanschauung or worldview. In my off time, I am a practicing Buddhist and Metaphysician for many years. My other pleasures are curling up with a fantastic mystery novel and/or a philosophy book and becoming lost in the reverie of it. 

As a Trauma-informed Therapist, I work from an empathetic, strength-based lens. I strive to create a space that is generous, welcoming, judgment-free, and secure. Along with you (the client), the aim is to form an equitable collaboration for however long it is needed. My work as a social justice therapist understands how various institutionalized parameters may impact a healthy-wellbeing: such as Anti-Blackness, Gender-Based Oppression, Anti-Climate change, and other forms of systemic injustice. Therefore, my therapeutic praxis is inculcated from an anti-oppressive, gender-affirming, and Mindful-radical acceptance perspective. Additionally, my work has highlighted but is not limited to: Anxiety, Trauma, LGBTQ+, non-monogamy, sex workers, depression, relational conflict, addiction and dependence, Somatic theory, and geropsychology. I truly believe life can and should be a wondrous journey. So, let’s find your wondrous path and bring your unique narrative to life. 



  • Master of Education, Psychological Counseling (2021)
  • Master of Arts, Mental Health Counseling (2021)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology / Minor | English Literature Honors (2017)

Advanced Training

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional – IATP (2021)
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy – MBCT (2021)