I believe that there is tremendous potential for every person to create positive change within their own lives. My goal is to facilitate a therapeutic relationship in which you feel safe, supported, and truly heard. Within this therapeutic space, we can work together to define your challenges and cultivate your strengths. Life is a process of continuous change, and we often encounter unexpected obstacles, new opportunities, and changing roles and responsibilities. I can be your collaborator in evaluating what you want to change in your life and in developing new ways to relate to the self and others. I believe that the journey of therapy should feel creative, dynamic, and empowering.

As a biracial person of Japanese and Irish ancestry from a family with a recent history of immigration, I am also aware of the complex role that identities can play in shaping our experiences in the world. Recognizing and giving voice to the impact of structural oppression is a key part of healing. We are entangled in larger systems that are rigid and confining, and create disconnection, exhaustion, and isolation. Therapy that openly engages with structural impacts can provide an opportunity to develop inner resources of renewal, feelings of greater spaciousness and freedom, and can encourage reconnection and healthy engagement in relationships and community.

I use a person-centered approach, which means that I value, respect, and center your expertise and knowledge about your own life and abilities. I also integrate mindfulness, narrative therapy, and a holistic view of the deep interrelationship between mind, body, and emotions. I am a practicing Buddhist and a student of Sowa Rigpa, the traditional Tibetan science of healing, and I welcome the inclusion of spirituality and exploration of the mind-body connection as part of the therapeutic process.



  • Master of Education, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (December 2023)
  • Bachelor of Arts, History (May 2003)