I believe each person is a unique ecology, but we all share a desire to connect with our experience of ourselves, others, and the world in a holistic and meaningful way. How you relate to your internal and external world is important. It’s important that you feel you can be yourself however you are.

There are many ways to explore expressing, releasing, being and healing with trauma. What this means is that therapy isn’t or doesn’t have to be only talking. Our bodies hold a record of the adversity and trauma that we’ve experienced. And in connecting to our relationship to the physical sensations and information our bodies have, we can then address and integrate what is learned during practices such as meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, somatic narrative, role playing, and more.

It is important that you feel comfortable and safe enough to express what it is you are wanting or needing from the work we do together and are able to have a way of being heard. All of who you are is welcome to arrive during the time we have together. The aim is to respond to what arises with curiosity and enough wonder to be able to discern any meaning to make and compassion to give. It is an honor to walk alongside you on your path to wholeness and wellness.



  • Masters in Counseling (2017)
  • Bachelor of Psychology (2006)

Advanced Training

  • ASAM Certified
  • ACT Certified
  • CDAC 1