Hello and welcome! My name is Reece (they/them), and I’d like to share a bit about myself to help you choose a therapist that best fits your needs and goals.

I’m a queer, trans, non binary person born and raised in the Portland area, and have always approached life from an collaborative, artistic perspective. In my free time, you can often find me painting, drawing, collaging, taking pictures, or making things out of clay. So It makes sense that my first career was in film and the arts! I’ve always been passionate about stories, how we construct and gain meaning from them, and the power they have to bridge and connect us to ourselves and each other. My intention is to embody and share this in my counseling work as well, and help clients explore and find the sparkthat leads them to their own unique style of empowerment and self-authorship.

I strongly feel that healing happens in spaces of co-collaboration with curiosity. The ability to be seen, accepted, and held within the vast kaleidoscope of your cultural, circumstantial, and personal layers of experiences while in connection with others. And I believe having a therapist that you feel you can bring more of these parts of yourself to, at your own pace, can unlock new doors and tools toward your authenticity. And that includes being present with you as you struggle and shine in your many complexities, identities, and strengths!

As a person whose spent my whole life out-of-the-box, I understand the difficult journey in navigating the human need for acceptance and connection, when the boxes of understanding and meaning-making we are given by society don’t quite fit. This can make it hard to make sense of or express certain parts of ourselves, that haven’t historically had space to be voiced, explored, or celebrated. And this can be especially hard with the addition and intersections of trauma and marginalized identities, and yet the process of untangling these parts unearths our greatest sources of richness, purpose, and strengths! My goal as a therapist is to offer you more tools to help you sift through the difficulties and layers to connect to those gifts within yourself, so you can more deeply and authentically connect to others too.

I have historically worked with teens and adults using narrative, cognitive behavioral, as well as acceptance and commitment therapy techniques, in combination with strength-based, multicultural, and creative interventions. And you can expect me to bring these approaches into our sessions as well when we work together.

I look forward to connecting with you!



  • Master’s in Psychology (August 2023)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Film (2018)