Hey, my name’s Reyah (she/her). Life sucks sometimes and that’s often when many of us contact a therapist. We’re looking for some help, whether that be with how to respond to stressful family dynamics, how to fight with our spouse less, or how to address really hard mental health challenges like panic attacks and depressive symptoms. I believe you have unique talents and abilities, and if there are parts of your life that aren’t working-then it’s because you haven’t gotten the right support. 

I enjoy supporting others and helping them discover practical skills that can improve their day to day life. So many of us live in a state of suffering when we don’t have to, there are so many resources and tools we can use to bring a sense of calm and joy into our everyday moments. Historically I’ve worked with a wide variety of populations including but not limited to those experiencing life-ending thoughts and behaviors, individuals experiencing severe and persistent mental illness, clients struggling with community disrupting behaviors, those exiting the criminal justice system, and individuals who struggle in their interpersonal and professional relationships. 

My therapeutic approach is based in emotionally focused therapy coupled with an equity orientation. I strive to be authentic with how I professionally connect with my clients, I want to be someone that’s approachable and who you feel comfortable being fully transparent with regarding when you’ve messed up or not met your own expectations for yourself. Laughing in session (when it’s appropriate) is important to me, life’s hard sometimes and that release is really valuable. I want to help you learn the skills you need to move throughout your life while maintaining a sense of calm and experiencing joy in your day to day. 

Does your life feel peaceful, connective, and meaningful to you based on your values? If the answer isn’t a full bodied yes, that’s okay. Many of us are right there with you. Feel free to reach out to me for a brief phone call and I’m happy to chat to see if we’re a good fit for your therapy goals. Either way-all the best, and take care of yourself. 



  • Master of Science, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2023)
  • Bachelor of Arts (2018)