My name is Abby (she/her). The most important step you can take to begin the healing process and establish a healthier and stronger way of life is to attend counseling. You are the expert on your life events, and I am only a resource to help you recognize and recover. You get to choose the pace in this give and take process as I assist you to build positive behaviors, ideas, and self-awareness and equip you with skills to improve your overall well-being.

I was raised in Portland but born in China. In my own identity search, I navigated the complexities of being an adopted Asian-American with a non-traditional family and learned to approach my story with self-compassion. This journey has inspired me to be passionate about working with multicultural clients and understanding how your identities have influenced your patterns of behaviors, experiences, and relationships.

My approach to therapy is rooted in positive psychology and strengths-based approaches to help you recognize your strengths and use them to achieve the growth you desire. Narrative therapy approaches are also used in my work with clients to rewrite your previous tales into stories of personal growth and development. While being our authentic selves and relating through humor, I seek to establish a therapeutic partnership built on honesty and compassion, in order to provide a safe environment for you to share your story.

I am excited to start your counseling journey together.



  • Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health (2022)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology & International Studies (2016)


  • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (2024)

Advanced Training

  • Trauma Counseling Certificate (2022)
  • Psychological First Aid Certificate (2022)
  • Interprofessional Solutions for Racism in Primary Care (2021)
  • Decolonizing Counseling (2021)
  • Surviving & Thriving: Trauma & Resilience (2021)
  • Providence Crisis Intervention Certificate (2020)
  • Child Loss & Grief (2020)
  • Interprofessional Solutions for Depression in Primary Care (2020)