Welcome. Sakura Counseling was founded for individuals and couples searching for a safe space to unpack their concerns. Great counseling is adaptable with its rich color palate that holds many different brushes that help you create a unique picture of your life. In the digital world, genuine human connection is needed now more than ever. For that reason we choose to fully invest in the therapeutic relationship with our clients.

Our approach is looking at the environment we live in, and the ways in which systems – whether judicial, religious, or social – play a part in perpetuating oppression. We not only collaborate with you to better understand those factors, we help prepare you to transition back into your environment in way that makes you better equipped to face the challenges that exist there. Counseling sessions aren’t about feeling weak, stigmatizing, or labeling. They’re about gaining strength of understanding, and building new methods to cope and overcome. Or as we like to say, “go from enduring to someone who thrives.”


Helping others and being part of the amazing healing process is our top priority. We thoroughly enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families.


We are only a message away – you’re only a click away from taking that next step. We look forward to starting this journey of healing, new awareness, and achieving your desired goals.

About Us

Finding a therapist can be daunting. There are so many options. What makes one better than the other? The answer really depends on what you are looking for.