Conflicts can arise at any stage in a relationship, and sometimes those conflicts grow in complexity despite our best efforts to resolve them on our own. Whether you’re a new couple, a married couple, or a couple facing separation, we can work with you to navigate and resolve the challenges in your relationship.

Through our sessions together, you and your partner can discover new methods of communicating, develop deeper empathy, and revitalize your respect, appreciation, and understanding of one another.

In couples counseling, one partner often feels like a victim, while the other becomes branded as an aggressor from whom all the problems in the relationship flow. Yet through our unique lens, we can see how both partners play a part in how their patterns are formed—that no one is solely to blame, and that in making victims of others we make victims of ourselves.

All too often, trouble arises simply because we have not learned from our past mistakes. We believe in restoring balance, developing awareness, and fostering empathy from which you and your partner can open new doors. However, we do not claim to know exactly where those doors lead.

Whether you find a reaffirmation of your union, or the resolve to move on from it, let’s work together to move forward with strength, respect, and understanding.