We believe that hidden within each one of us exists a new potential waiting to be born. If you’re searching for yours, we’d love to help you find it. Even the toughest obstacles are often opportunities in disguise. In our one-on-one sessions you will have the opportunity to gain new clarity, enriched self-awareness, and a reaffirmation of your greatest strengths. With these skills, you can begin to resolve conflicts, reconnect relationships, and take control of your life. Whereas many counselors start by “analyzing you,” our unique approach focuses instead on building a strong alliance from which we can work together to facilitate the changes you want to see in your life. In short, we’re on your team from the beginning.

What makes us a good addition to your team? Well for one, we are highly adaptable, and trained in a variety of techniques, including genealogy diagrams, sand tray, visual and narrative exercises, and many more. This allows us to tailor our counseling sessions to match your specific concerns and goals.

Yet above all else, what makes counseling a rarity is my understanding that we all have parts of ourselves that we have built up in response to the painful experiences of our lives. However, the mechanisms that may have worked in the past eventually become ineffective—and in some cases even harmful and unhealthy—in our present lives.

We want to collaborate with you to overcome the harmful forces in your life.

We approach counseling with the understanding that you are the expert in your life. We are merely privileged in knowing how to help you achieve a different way of being that will enhance the quality of your life. Together, let’s strive to create the positive changes you wish to see.