About Us

Welcome to Sakura Counseling. The cherry blossom is the symbol of our journey together as we explore the fragility and beauty of life. 

Sakura was founded to inspire healing without stigmatization, letting go of unproductive narratives that have been placed on you by society, friends, family, romantic relationships, systems, or even yourself.  Sakura believes in helping you to let go of all the chains that keep you from thriving.

Our clinicians believe in the power of healing, but they also bring in shared identities where a safe place can truly be built.  Building community is one of our essential beliefs but a community needs diversity to truly survive and thrive. 

We hope one of us can be your guide.  It cannot happen without you.



My name is Chloe. I believe that everyone’s path to mental wellness is different and fluid, but attainable when clients feel empowered, safe, and motivated to bring their whole selves to the work.



My name is Nora. Connection to community and to the natural world is important for growth and healing, and that healing must exist in relation to others as well as ourselves.



My name is Vy. I believe that you are the expert in your lived experiences and that together we can create an engaging environment where you feel safe, respected, and heard.



My name is Tikhon. I believe everyone can find healing in an atmosphere of non-judgment, validation, and empathy. Acceptance and honesty can perform miracles.



My name is Anderson. I approach clients with a tranquil peace, and curious humility in order to adapt to any presenting concerns that might be brought into our therapeutic relationship.



My name is Reece. I strongly feel that healing happens in spaces of co-collaboration with curiosity. I understand the difficult journey in navigating the human need for acceptance and connection.



My name is Tehya. We will work to heal the beliefs that shrink the vastness of our identities and desires. Our investment in collective healing creates a ripple effect of possibility.



My name is Abby. Awareness, recognition, and acceptance are some of the first steps of achieving lasting change. My goal is to help you move past these first steps and create a story of healing, growth, and resilience.



My name is Summer. I believe we often hold the answers to life’s most difficult questions and sometimes need help tapping into our innate wisdom and inner knowing.



My name is Sarah. I focus on building a therapeutic alliance. It is through this alliance we can uncover the unconscious roots and meanings of distressing feelings and thoughts.



My name is Grace. I believe therapy should evolve with you. Thus, finding and valuing your authentic narrative is essential in my practice.



I’m Nancy. Our collaborative therapeutic relationship will be paramount. We will navigate from being stuck and move toward an engaging life in a nourishing way.



My name is Julia. My goal is to facilitate a therapeutic relationship in which you feel safe, supported, and truly heard. Within this therapeutic space, we can work together to define your challenges and cultivate your strengths.



My name is Katie. I believe that therapy is one of the best ways for people to learn about themselves and begin the journey towards healing. I strongly believe that our connections with others are a path towards individual healing. You deserve healing, love, and peace.



My name is Natasha. Every person has the wisdom and capacity for change within themselves, and my role is to journey alongside you, identifying and co-creating skills and resources that lead to meaningful change.



My name is David. My passion is to create a space for every individual to be seen for who they are and valued for their experience where the world sometimes says otherwise.



My name is Myra and I founded Sakura Counseling for individual and couples searching for a safe space to unpack their concerns.


Clinical Supervisor

My name is Marie (pronounced like “Mary”). I believe that every person has a best self and that by tapping into our strengths we can precipitate lasting change. The Bio-Psycho-Social counseling approach of mind, body, and spirit in working with the total individual is the basic theoretical foundation of my work with supervisees.