My name is David (he/him). I am so grateful for you to begin this journal to healing, exploration and wellness. I am local born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I truly value one’s life experience and put an emphasis on creating a safe and supportive relationship with clients where we can explore the past, present and future without judgement.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, as a Person of Color I often struggled in spaces where I often did not see people who looked like me, or have my experiences be validated or understood. My passion is to create a space for every individual to be seen for who they are and valued for their experience where the world sometimes says otherwise. I have dedicated my career in supporting those who have struggled with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and more to heal and work through their adverse experiences to support them becoming stronger advocate and individuals to thrive in their communities and relationships.

I believe every individual has the opportunity to be successful with the right support. I value every individual as an expert in their life experience and the power they have make changes to meet their goals and desires. I believe there is a strong connection between the multiple systemic and relational contexts that influences one’s identities and their experiences and through awareness, we can make meaning and grow from it. I believe work cannot be done until a strong relationship has formed. Through these beliefs, I focus on creating a strong relationship with my clients with a cultural lens to allow them to feel safe, seen and understood.

I use a person-centered approach with some Reality therapy and Cognitive Behavioral approaches. Through these practices, I work collaboratively with clients in making connections of their experiences and attachments of the past and present and bring awareness to old habits and patterns that may be hindering them from achieving true satisfaction in life with a non-judgmental lens. I look forward working together to empower individuals to take control of their lives and strive for their life goals to create and aspire towards their inner picture album of the life they want.



  • Master of Arts, Counselor Education (June 2020)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies (2013)


  • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Advanced Training

  • Certified Trauma Professional Certificate (June 2022)