My name is Marie (pronounced like “Mary”). I believe that every person has a best self and that by tapping into our strengths we can precipitate lasting change. The Bio-Psycho-Social counseling approach of mind, body, and spirit in working with the total individual is the basic theoretical foundation of my work with supervisees.

As part of my values, I believe early-career professionals deserve strong support to build the foundation of their careers in counseling. Enjoying your work and your life while allowing it to become deep and meaningful are critical to avoid burnout and I am a fan of quality-of-life. Ongoing supervision and consultation are essential to maintaining the boundaries required for a successful work-life balance.

While supervision is primarily meant to strengthen your clinical skills, we will also work on issues of systemic dysfunction in institutions, the intersections of race, gender and culture, vicarious trauma, your areas of privilege and oppression, and inter/cross-cultural awareness. I encourage awareness of parallel processes and transference/countertransference. 

In my general framework I consider the dynamic aspects in the client-therapist relationship, in hand with our nature as biological beings (cuz science!). To aid in organizing your supervision experience, I use the Systems Approach, the Discrimination Model, Relational Alliance Model & Relational Cultural Theory as my primary supervision modalities. I will always consider your development and competency level with an emphasis on honoring your identity and supporting your growth and development. 

I also believe clinicians need truly safe and engaging spaces to address their own mental health in supervision. I help clinicians develop their clinical skills, areas of expertise, and work through complicated ethical or self-as-the-therapist issues. I provide a space to efficiently troubleshoot everyday challenges when working with clients that go beyond treatment, keeping ethics and your values aligned to your best practices inside and outside of the therapy room.