I’m Morgan (she/her)! I believe in the sacred power of community and connection. I work to cultivate warmth, empathy, and encouragement in lives. I understand that not everyone comes to therapy to look for answers, but rather to seek a nonjudgmental listener who can help them organize their thoughts, feelings, and steps forward. I believe one of the bravest things a person can do is ask for help.

In therapy, I practice from a person-centered lens, meaning that I view each person who enters my office as the leading expert on their own lives. I see myself as a facilitator and compassionate witness in the process of self-discovery, but underline the importance of my clients being the leaders of their own therapeutic journeys. My approach is influenced by my training in feminist and multicultural counseling; I am deeply invested in exploring the intersections of power and privilege that impact individuals’ lives and the ways in which community engagement and sociopolitical activism can alleviate the bonds of systemic oppression.

My approach to therapy integrates elements of existential therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, Adlerian therapy, and acceptance & commitment therapy. Grief counseling, sex therapy, elder counseling, and counseling for queer and gender diverse populations are my areas of interest. I am sex-positive, ENM-aware, kink-friendly, and fat-positive. As a proud pansexual and polyamorous person, I strive to create a space of safety and understanding for clients who share these lived experiences.

If you have ever felt othered, alone, misunderstood, or silenced, know that I deeply understand these emotions and am here to hold tender space for you. We may look, sound, believe, love, and commune in different ways, but there is a common thread of humanity connecting us all. I look forward to the ways in which we can learn and grow together.



  • Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2023) 
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2019)