Hi! My name is Quill (they/them). I grew up in California and would travel most summers to Japan, near where my mother and her siblings grew up. Having a white mother that was born and raised in Japan caused me to begin thinking about the complexities around race and culture at an early age, and this prompted me to be curious about systems theory and cross-cultural psychology later on. As someone who is nonbinary, neurodivergent, queer, white, able-bodied, and straight-sized, I recognize the nuance in intersecting identities that affect the systems and relationships individuals are a part of, and the privilege that I hold within those systems. As a systems-based therapist, I bring this perspective to my approach working with clients, and operate from a place of accountability, curiosity, and humility. This means listening to your experience and recognizing that you are the expert of your experience, and working with you to determine collaboratively the direction that therapy goes.

Growing up, I often felt weird and out of place, but had experiences with people and systems that challenged the limiting stories I had about my place in the world and helped me feel connected and less alone. I believe that by reweaving the stories we have learned through our families and societal discourses in ways that resonate, as well as integrating the fractured parts of ourselves that have been harmed through these systems, that change can happen and space for rich, meaningful new stories is made. Additionally, I believe that connection to community and to the natural world is important for growth and healing, and that healing must exist in relation to others as well as ourselves. My approach as a therapist is to assist you in creating a felt sense of internal connectedness and strength, as well as connectedness to others, and to help reauthor narratives that help you feel embodied and authentic.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time in nature, traveling, writing, singing in a queer choir, playing with my cats, spending time with my friends, family, and partners, and lifting heavy things.



  • Masters in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy (2024)
  • Bachelors in Psychology (2012)