Divorce/Separation/Ending of a relationship

Why seek support?

Whether through divorce, separation, or the ending a relationship, breaking up is never easy. With breakups comes the feeling of “heart break” for one or both partners ― and this feeling can even manifest physically.breakups


Because, as brain imaging tests have shown, emotional rejection and physical pain trigger the same neurological circuits.

No matter the relationship level, we all experience attraction chemically, and once that relationship has ended, the body goes through a phase of withdrawal that creates physical as well as emotional pain. For these reasons, women tend to become depressed after a breakup, and men are three times more likely to commit suicide following the termination of a relationship.

Recovery Process

In our sessions together we can address two of the biggest questions that occur after any breakup: Why did it end? and How can I avoid
repeating this in the future?
Together we can look into your past to discover patterns that shape, influence, and limit the potential of your relationships ― and we can explore healthy ways to move forward.

In the case of divorce, often we work on figuring out how to prevent resentment, anger, and sadness from interfering with our communication over child rearing. We may also focus on developing positive practices for parenting in separate households.