Grief VS Complicated Grief

Death and bereavement are universally inescapable events that we all have to face, no matter how much we resist.  Some individuals are able to process and continue relatively unscarred.  However, other individuals need assistance to move through the grief process.  While everyone grieves differently, complicated grief is the inability to let go of the loss.  Individuals may experience suicidal thoughts, numbness, or the disconnection and miss-trust of others, which interferes with daily activities.

Recovery Process

Grief marks us.  What we do with that indentation gives us strength or hinders us from living.  Why wait for grief to hinder you.  Come in and we can create a plan to help you get on with your life.

Generally we will engage in family therapy, work on creating or enhancing a support system, and employ art therapy to assist in purging those painful memories.  For example: creating a calendar or ritual can help you let go of the loss without guilt, by maintaining a sense of closeness to your loved one.  Furthermore, we will plan for “grief triggers”, and set you up (if you choose) with a support group where you can connect with others who have also lost a loved one.