Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


PTSD is a condition that can develop after an exposure to one or more life-threatening traumatic events.  PTSD can afflict anyone, and most symptoms develop within hours or days following the traumatic event.  Some symptoms can take months or even years to develop.  PTSD symptoms often get worse and certainly do not lift as time passes.  Common symptoms are feeling numb, avoidance behavior (people, places, or things), inability to relax, and you may experience hyperawareness (i.e. being easily startled).

Recovery Process

PTSD is isolating and dramatically changes your life for the worse; eroding both your physical and mental health.  Getting educated on PTSD, and seeking treatment as soon as possible increases the likelihood of a successful outcome, and decreases the persistence of symptoms.

Our focus will be to understand and explore the barrage of emotions the traumatic event has created. We will uncover your specific triggers and together we will devise a plan to deal with them, so as to lessen their impact on your overall health.  Additionally, we will help create a more balanced body by designing a life program for better sleep, diet, and exercise; and facilitate relaxation by uniting the mind and body.