Definition defines self-esteem as “a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself.” This act of valuing oneself is vital to achieving goals, finding happiness, and maintaining emotional/physical health.Sadness

There are two main causes of low self-esteem: situations, and inner critics.
Situations can be things like breakups, etc., which severely affect one’s view of desirability and lovability―and thus self-esteem. The inner critic, on the other hand, can turn a simple mistake into “proof” that you are “worthless.” Though far more insidious and difficult to overcome, the inner critic can be overcome.

Recovery Plan

CompassionOne of the things we will start with is introducing self-compassion. One cannot have a true sense of healthy self-esteem without learning how to feel kindness, care, and understanding for oneself. In time, this understanding blooms into acceptance of your self-worth. Other healing tools we may implement include journaling your inner critic and reframing it’s destructive narrative.