Supervision Frequency

In your counseling internship and practicum program, we prioritize the professional development and well-being of our interns and practicum students through a comprehensive supervision model. Each counseling intern and practicum student will have a dedicated one-on-one weekly meeting with their supervisor via Zoom, providing a personalized space to discuss client cases, explore your chosen therapeutic modalities, and address the impact of your work with clients on a personal level. This individualized supervision aims to enhance clinical skills, foster reflective practices, and ensure the highest quality of care for our clients. Additionally, our intern and practicum students participate in group supervision twice a month, creating a collaborative environment where they engage with their supervisor and peers to share insights, discuss challenges, and receive collaborative support. This dual approach to supervision not only enriches the learning experience but also emphasizes the importance of self-care as an integral component of professional growth and utilizing community supports. We are committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment that facilitates the growth and success of our future counseling professionals. We also encourage our staff to utilize peer support through consultations to better understand specialties and connecting with fellow clinicians.

Marie LPC, CRC

My name is Marie (pronounced like “Mary”), CRC, LPC. My therapeutic process is to facilitate personal growth through collaboration, bringing about resilience, self-empowerment, and independence. I believe that every person has a best self and that by tapping into our strengths we can precipitate lasting change. The bio-psycho-social counseling approach of mind, body, and spirit in working with the total individual is the basic theoretical foundation of my work with clients and supervises.

While supervision is primarily meant to strengthen your clinical skills, I recognize that there are many intersections of identities and the effect of socio-cultural systems on members of minoritized groups and my role is to facilitate the discovery process within the context of the individual’s cultural worldview. We will work on how we can work to address issues of power, systemic dysfunction in institutions, the intersections of race, gender, ability and culture, vicarious trauma, and inter/cross-cultural awareness. I encourage awareness of parallel processes and transference/countertransference.

I also believe clinicians need truly safe and engaging spaces to address their own mental health in supervision. I help clinicians develop their clinical skills, areas of expertise, and work through complicated ethical or self-as-the-therapist issues. I provide a space to efficiently troubleshoot everyday challenges when working with clients that go beyond treatment, keeping ethics and your values aligned to your best practices inside and outside of the therapy room.

Myra LPC

My name is Myra. My team and I will provide a supportive, collaborative, and growing internship/practicum site for you. What an adventure awaits you and it is my hope to guide you to the type of therapist you want to become. This is the place to make mistakes, grow, challenge yourself and even us. It is a place to practice new skills and know there will be times that our work will feel heavy at times, but I am here to be the rabbi that listens with support until you feel you’re ready to get up again. I am dedicated to support you as much as I can.

I embrace a distinctive approach to counseling that aligns with a relational style of therapy and an Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach which has extended seamlessly into my supervisory practice. I prioritize the holistic development of my supervisees by delving into the intricacies of your chosen modalities, refining your counseling skills, and nurturing the formation of a strong counseling identity.

As a supervisor with a relational and IFS approach to supervision, I center on fostering a collaborative and supportive space, where you as the supervisee are encouraged to explore and develop your own unique therapeutic voice while also emphasizing the interconnectedness of larger systems. Emphasizing self-discovery, I guide you in understanding the impacts of client work on a personal and professional level by helping connect the impact of the internal systems we are affected by and fostering a deep awareness of self in the therapeutic process. This approach extends beyond traditional supervision, aiming to break through the inevitable struggles encountered in the early stages of your counseling career to encourage breakthroughs and growth. By cultivating a dynamic that promotes self-reflection, I am committed to empowering your journey as an emerging counselor to help you thrive in your professional journey to become a strong and authentic therapeutic presence in your therapy practice.