Abuse on The Rise Among Teens

American teens can face a generous amount of growing pains, rejection, and various variety of joy in-between.  According to a HealthDay News article written by Randy Rotinga has found a disturbing trend that teens (boys & girls) fall prey to physical and sexual abuse while dating.  Girls report an alarming rate of one in 5 and one in 10 boys have experience abuse at least once during the past years. Being a victim of these types of abuse can increase the risk of suicidal behavior, bullying, substance use, and risky sexual behavior.  In other words, these types of crimes often leave the victims physically and emotionally scarred.  While in general females have a higher prevalence than their counterparts, however both genders are impacted by teen dating violence.  There needs to be a call for educating teens on what exactly healthy means when it comes to relationships.  Violence stops when we all stand-up together and say we will not tolerate abuse of any kind.