My name is Jamie (she/her). I support my clients to find safety, rest, and joy within themselves, often in the midst of very challenging circumstances. I work with folks healing from trauma – especially childhood, religious, sexual, and relational traumas – those exploring their authentic identities, and those who want support in life transitions large and small. I affirm LGBTQIA+, monogamous and ethical non-monogamous/polyamorous relationships, those of all religious and spiritual experiences, and am body positive, sex and a-sex positive. Whether you’ve had many counseling experiences, or this is your very first, I’m honored to be with you in your unique process.

I believe that you are the expert of your own experience. Together we will create a space where you are welcomed to explore deeper layers of your experience, to understand, and potentially reframe, strategies that no longer serve you, and to take steps towards a richer connection with yourself and others. I have received training in interventions (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Neuroaffective Relational Model) that work in present time to support and repair traumatic experiences, explore identity, and strengthen resliency. Mindfulness, body awareness, and movement, always to the extent that you’re comfortable, may also show up in session to release trauma held there and to ground your experience. Informed by these approaches, I’m interested in attuning to your whole Self while practicing non-judgement, mindful curiosity, and radical acceptance to repair attachment wounds and help you move towards your goals.

I am a native Portlander, queer and biracial woman, wife, mother, writer, forest-bather, humor-loving, film-watching, pleasure activist and joyful former academic. I look forward to learning about who you are and where you want to go on your path towards healing.



  • Master of Arts in Professional Mental Health Counseling (2024)
  • Master of Arts in English Literature (2010)