My name is Katie. I believe that therapy is one of the best ways for people to learn about themselves and begin the journey towards healing. I strongly believe that our connections with others are a path towards individual healing. You deserve healing, love, and peace.

Finding a counselor that you feel connected to is the first step in your personal healing journey. I have lived in the Carolina’s for most of my life but have always desired to step out of my southern roots which led me on a journey to Portland. My cultural background led me to an adventure of self-exploration and self-discovery which has allowed me to form a compassionate and empathetic response to life’s hardships and connect with others through their stories. I am passionate about creating a safe space for trauma-informed care and connecting family systems across multiple generations and cultures which led me to a desire in helping others through counseling.

Navigating the difficult parts of life is incredibly challenging alone. My desire is to help you find a path towards healing that allows an exploration of the difficult parts of life. My hope is to help you find the coping mechanisms, support, and guidance you need to explore the difficult questions and create necessary boundaries for change. You are the expert on your life and have the ability to discover the best version of yourself. My hope is that I can help you achieve the healing and growth you deserve.



  • Masters of Counseling (April 2023)