Welcome! My name is Madeleine (she/they). I would be honored to join you on this journey of discovery, transformation, and healing. Here is more about myself so you decide if I am a provider well-suited for your needs. I am a tender-hearted, queer, white, able-bodied, person. I am primarily trained and practiced in Harm Reduction Psychotherapy—a perspective where I am devoted to meeting you exactly where you are at and keeping compassion central to our work together. Historically, I have also worked with children and youth of all ages within a variety of family dynamics and cultures. My lens prioritizes non-pathologizing trauma-informed anti-oppressive practice with attunement to systemic oppressions and violences that impact the individual within a complicated ecosystem.

In our time together, you will feel embraced and empowered in your unique multidimensionality. You are the expert of your own ever-evolving life, boundaries, and healing goals. Together, we will collaborate to create holistic change through looking both inward and outward at strengths and challenges. Trauma, grief, addiction, struggling with identity, interpersonal conflict, spiritual emergence, and integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness are but a few of my most comfortable human experiences to support in a therapeutic relationship. I am committed to ongoing allyship for marginalized folks and affirming anyone who feels outside of the mainstream.

Using, but not limited to, the modalities of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Practices, and Multicultural Counseling, we can bring awareness to your nervous system and multigenerational patterns of dysregulation and resilience. Emotional work and inner child healing can be extremely powerful in cultivating a loving, safe relationship with the Self and all life; we can explore this through Narrative Therapy and carry your insights into relationships using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Mental health counseling creates space for self-discovery, but I believe lasting healing happens in community spaces. In our work together, I will connect you with community resources as desired and discuss ways to grow and strengthen connections in whatever small or big ways you are comfortable with.

My upbringing and personal experiences put me on my own healing journey. It became evident that the more I poured into myself, the more empathetically I showed up in the world from a place of loving service to others. It is my personal value that as a clinician, I engage with ongoing self-reflection so as to be fully present for the wonderful people I work with.

Therapy can be daunting. You may want to do deep psychological work, or simply get out of a rut. Whatever your motivation is, I will be by your side.



  • Masters of Social Work (2024)
  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Philosophy (2021)