Hi there! I’m glad you’re here. There’s such strength and intention in starting the process of seeking out therapy. I’d love to tell you a little bit about myself to see if I sound like the counselor for you.

First off, I feel it is meaningful to share certain salient pieces of my identity with clients; I am queer, I am biracial, I am Filipino, and I have Dwarfism. These aspects of my identity impacted how I grew up seeing the world and my interactions with systems that may not have been built or sustained with me in mind. My life experience has informed my systems-based approach to counseling and my intention of integrating how each client’s unique constellation of identities impact their relationships with others, their understanding of themselves, and their experience of the world around them. I am interested in and open to any conversation around identity in our work together, whether that be queerness, racial identity, disability, etc.

I grew up in Northern California and came to Portland for my undergraduate studies. I originally set out to pursue a career in marine biology, but through my gender and women’s studies minor, I came to realize that what I was really interested in was human connection. I began to work in mental health settings with kids and teens and I learned not only skills that people may use to support and manage their mental health, but also the value of connection and a space of nonjudgment. When we find ourselves experiencing feelings of isolation and breakdowns in communication with those around us, it can be really challenging to open up to others and process what may be going on for us. I pursued a career in counseling because I feel passionate about providing people a space of their own to slow down and explore their experiences and emotions in a non-judgmental setting. My intention is for therapy to be a place where you can be messy and where you feel like you can bring your whole self to. My belief is that counseling is relational, and I hope to partner with you in building a greater understanding of yourself and the intersections of your identity, how you show up in relationship with others, and what skills may be helpful for you in pursuing meaningful change.

I have a strong background in working with kids, teens, and young adults in transitional periods of life both in and out of mental health settings- though I am open to working with folks of all ages! You can expect me to utilize techniques of mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and person-centered therapy and operate from a social justice-based systems lens. I love bringing humor and creativity into session as well as utilizing my training in DBT to support clients in building tangible skills.

Outside of counseling, I love playing board games and video games, eating sushi, and going on neighborhood walks with my housemates. I look forward to connecting with you as you take these steps forward!



  • Master of Science in Counselor Education: Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling (June 2023)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Biology, Minors: Gender and Women’s Studies and Theology

Advanced Training

  • Anti-carceral Approaches to Suicide (2021)