My name is Natasha (she/her). I am glad you are here. I believe that when we reach out for support, we are engaging in a courageous act to deepen connection, healing, self-love, and liberation. Every person has the wisdom and capacity for change within themselves, and my role is to journey alongside you, identifying and co-creating skills and resources that lead to meaningful change.

I was born and raised in the Portland area and have always enjoyed discovery and exploration,which in part led me to become a therapist. As a brown, mixed-race woman, I have often navigated feeling culturally dislocated, which is why it is a priority in my practice to witness and honor your identities and collaborate in naming how dominant systemic influences have impacted you.

My therapeutic approach is informed by Relational Cultural Theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB). I work relationally, knowing that we heal in relationships, culture, and community, which means you can expect to interact with a dynamic human rather than a neutral therapist. I enjoy connecting with clients through humor and authentic presence and am dedicated to cultivating a felt sense of safety between us. I also utilize nervous system education to address the many ways trauma impacts the body. Building awareness of our body’s nervous system and its unique expression is a powerful resource in healing and releasing trauma.

Together we’ll help you build the life you want and bring balance and understanding to challenging areas. I look forward to partnering with you.



  • Masters of Arts, Clinical Mental Health (2023)
  • Bachelors of Arts, Social & Behavioral Studies (2019)


  • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (2024)

Advanced Training

  • Trauma Counseling Certificate (2023)
  • Somatic & Mindfulness-Based Trauma Treatment (2022)
  • Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing (2022)
  • Racial Trauma Strategies (2021)
  • Creating A Safe Space: With w/ Latino + Black Men in Therapy (2021)
  • Treating Adverse Spiritual Experiences & Religious Trauma (2021)