Hello, my name is Peter (he/him) and I specialize in art therapy. Sometimes the act of verbalizing our experiences can be very challenging. Art therapy is a great way to begin the therapeutic process and further explore the unseen and unsaid aspects of our lives. As an art therapist I have all of the training for mental health counseling with additional training in the therapeutic use of art and art materials. Using art in sessions can be particularly helpful when addressing emotional content because the artwork can act as a way of containing those emotions. My approach focuses on the combination of art therapy with internal family systems therapy, to help my clients better understand the complexities of their many parts.  

I see the process of art making as a starting point for dialogue and reflection and believe that anyone can benefit from art therapy regardless of their art experience. If you chose me as your therapist, you don’t have to make art every session, but you will have the option of using art to express something that may otherwise be challenging to express. Since I also use internal family systems therapy, we will explore the various parts that make you who you are, and work to better understand them and their needs. We will do this through curiosity, compassion, and creativity.  

I value the individuality of all my clients and hope to honor and hold space for their many intersecting identities. I see my clients as experts in their own experiences and hope to work collaboratively with my clients to move towards wellness and healing.  



  • Master of Arts in Art Therapy (2024)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Studio Art (2020)