Hi, I’m Riah (she/her). I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and grew up primarily in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since immigrating to the United States in 2012, it has been a long process of creating a space for myself in this country that feels like home. As a mixed-race, Thai-American, third-culture individual, I understand the challenges of navigating different cultures while also trying to find your place within them.

I enjoy working with multicultural/multiethnic individuals, couples, and young adults who are looking for support regarding identity development, communication issues, cultural and multicultural issues, migration and acculturation.

Our identities grow and shift as we move through life, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to try and navigate those life changes alone– especially when we feel like we’re “supposed” to act or feel a certain way, or that we are “wrong or bad” for things that we need. Oftentimes, those pressures can come from narratives that we’ve internalized from others, sometimes from our families, our peers, or society at large. My hope is to collaborate with you in learning about the stories that make up your life narrative, and gently deconstructing the narratives that no longer serve you. I believe change happens when we are able to bring awareness to ourselves and our experiences, so that we can begin creating new experiences and living in a way that is aligned with our most authentic selves. My therapeutic approach is one of openness, curiosity, and humor, and informed by systems-thinking, Experiential, Intergenerational, and Narrative Therapy.

I believe that incredible things can happen when we find our voice and allow our inner-knowing to guide us. It is my hope that, in our work together, we celebrate the stories of your life that honor you.



  • Master of Arts in Marriage, Couples and Family Therapy (2025)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (2016)